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Testing at Garfield
At Garfield, we administer three norm-referenced assessments each year, some of which are grade specific: The Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA), STAR, and the Terra Nova / Inview. These assessments are given within windows of time; dates below indicate these windows and do not mean that students are tested every day. The 2018-2019 calendar for our assessments is below:
                        KRA                  August 23 – October 31, 2018 
                        STAR                 August 29-September 27
                                                  January 8-February 1
                                                  April 1 – April 26
      Terra Nova / Inview          February 7-15 
The KRA is an extensive assessment which is composed of several different components. Once this assessment is completed and the results have been received, parents are notified of their child’s results. 

The STAR assessment is given in two content areas; reading and math. STAR assessments are given on the computer. The reading assessment has two levels: STAR-Early Literature (SEL) and STAR Reading. Unlike reading, math only has one format and is only used in first and second grade at Garfield. STAR results will be shared with parents.

The Terra Nova / Inview is used for two purposes; to measure student knowledge and as an indicator of student IQ/giftedness. Once administered, these tests are sent away to be assessed. Once they are returned, we mail out the results individually to each family. 

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