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2019 August
Welcome back to the start of another great Bulldog year!  We look forward to working with you and your child during the next school year in our health clinics.  Our school clinics are set up to render first aid in case of emergencies and to provide a place for students to lie down until they are able to return to class, or released to a parent or guardian.  Due to limited space in the clinics, students may not remain for long periods of time.

-Please do not send your child to school with a rash, questionable illness, or injury that needs to be evaluated.  These health concerns need to be addressed by your physician or healthcare provider, who are licensed to diagnose illnesses and injuries before coming to school.  Our clinics are staffed by clinic assistants trained in first aid and CPR, and some are RN’s or LPN’s, but neither are permitted by law to diagnose health conditions.  

-Possible sprains or fractures of bones need to be evaluated by your healthcare provider and the area x-rayed before coming to school.  We need documentation from a physician for any child reporting to school with crutches, splints, casts, or wheelchairs.  Please give this information directly to clinic staff so a plan of care can be put in place for your child to keep them safe.  

-If you suspect your child is ill, please keep them home long enough to determine if they are ill.  Students must be fever, vomit, and diarrhea free for a full 24 hours without fever reducing medication before returning to school.  If your child has a fever during the night, please do not send them to school the next day even if they appear fine.  Before the full 24 hour time frame they are considered contagious and risk picking up other illnesses while their immunity is down.  Please plan ahead to have arrangements for days when your child is ill.  

-A student who must take ANY prescription or over the counter medications at school during the school day, must have the appropriate forms signed by the parent and a physician.  Medications must be brought to the clinic by the parent/guardian in the original pharmacy labeled container.  Please ask the pharmacy to give you an additional empty labeled bottle to use for field trips.  Medications should only be administered at school when necessary.  Those prescribed for once, twice or three times daily can remain at home and be given before and after school hours.  This does not pertain to medications that need to be given at lunch time.  

-If your child has a chronic health issue (such as asthma, diabetes, seizures, severe allergies-food, insects stings, etc., or other issues that staff need to be alerted to), please contact the school nurse before the start of the school year so that a health care plan can be put in place for your child.  

-Please make sure that you have given the school all current contact numbers so that you can be reached in any emergency situations.  If these numbers change during the school year, please notify the school office immediately.  

-Our district performs health screenings per Ohio Department of Health guidelines to identify problems that could interfere with learning.  Students will receive the following screenings at some time during the school year:
Vision-grades K, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and new students
Hearing-grades K, 1, 3, 5, 9, 11, and new students
Scoliosis- 7th grade if parents request the screening
Dental-2nd grade if parents request the screening

**Children may be exempted from a vision or hearing screening if he/she has been examined by a regularly licensed physician or optometrist (for vision) upon presentation to the school authorities of a certificate to the effect that he/she has been examined during the 12 months immediately preceding the date of such inspection, along with the request to not screen.  Parents will NOT receive notification of the results unless a deviation from normal is identified.   

-Heath City Schools follows all requirements from ODH regarding immunizations.  Students may be excluded from school if the requirements are not met within 14 days of beginning the school year, unless there is an exemption on file for the child.  Please check the school nurse link at for more school health related information.  

Esther Villinger, BSN, RN, LSN (District School Nurse)
740-238-7115 (School Nurse Office) 
District Nurse
Esther Villinger RN, BSN, LSN
Villinger RN, BSN, LSN, Esther
District Nurse
Office: 740-238-7115
Clinic Staff
Marla Crowthers RN
Crowthers RN, Marla
Clinic Assistant, Middle School
Office: 740-238-7145
Margie Goodin
Goodin, Margie
Clinic Assistant
Office: 740-238-7130 x SES
Johnson, Michelle
Clinic Assistant
Office: 740-238-7130
Pamela Lampton
Lampton, Pamela
Clinic Assistant
Office: 740-238-7125
Thereasa Murphy
Murphy, Thereasa
Clinic Assistant, High School
Office: 740-238-7155
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