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Parents of Heath City School Students,
I would like to share with you an avenue that the Heath City School district is providing for the reporting of acts of bullying, harassment, and/or inappropriate activity that could threaten the safety of Heath City School students. The Heath City Schools has contracted with “The Education Connection” for use of a Bully/Safety Tip Line for the purpose of providing a number (740) 281-2242 for students and/or parents to make anonymous reports of bullying, harassment, and/or inappropriate activity.

Reporting of inappropriate activity to Heath City School officials is essential to the efforts to ensure and maintain a safe environment for students. The most effective reporting methods that exist are direct reporting to school officials so that said officials can obtain the most detailed and accurate information for the purpose of complete and accurate investigations. However, we recognize that direct reporting is not always feasible, and is sometimes not the preferred method of reporting when considering the possible effects on the reporter or his/her family. Therefore, the Heath City Schools has elected to add an anonymous tip line for individuals to share information with school officials for the purpose of prevention, intervention, and resolution of matters that can affect student safety.

The Bully/Safety Tip Line works as follows. The number that a student or parent can call to report acts of bullying, harassment, and/or inappropriate activity is (740) 281-2242. Upon calling this number the caller will be given prompts to follow, so that they may provide the date, time, location, and names of those involved in the action. The information will then be forwarded to Heath City School officials.

This feature will also allow you to choose an incident number so that you can call back at a later time to receive an update on the status of the incident or provide new information for this incident and still stay anonymous.

Please know that it is important to us that your children are safe, and remain safe while they attend school. We believe we have high expectations for student conduct and student safety. We would like your help in maintaining high levels of student safety by communicating issues with us on a regular basis. The Bully/Safety Tip Line provides one avenue for that communication. We appreciate your help in helping us keep your children and all of Heath’s children safe.

Trevor Thomas, Ed. D., Superintendent
[email protected]

Refer to our Board Policy Manual for further information on our Bullying Policy [File: JFCF]
Report An Incident
How to report bullying via the safety tip line.
Ohio Law
Unfortunately, bullying is on the rise as being a major problem in many schools and communities. Fortunately, most harm caused by bullying is preventable.

Ohio has passed a law, now part of the Ohio Revised Code Section 3313.666, which addresses issues to prevent bullying, protect victims of bullying, and discipline the bullies.

Bullying Facts

The Ohio law defines bullying as any intentional written, verbal, electronic, or physical act that a student has exhibited toward another particular student more than once and the behavior both causes mental or physical harm to the other student and is sufficiently severe, persistent, or pervasive that it creates an intimidating, threatening, or abusive educational environment for the other student.

*  Bullying also includes “violence within a dating relationship.”
*  Learning bullying prevention skills will help you:
1.  foster positive peer relationships that work to prevent bullying
2.  diffuse situations that can lead to bullying
3.  stop bullying incidents directed at you or other students 
*  The law requires disciplinary action for students who bully others in any manner. This is not limited to incidents on school property or during school hours.
*  Making a knowingly false report will result in disciplinary action as required by Ohio law.
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