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Testing at Heath High School
Testing is an important part of student's high school experience. In the Spring, many students will participate in the End of Course (EOC) AIR testing that has replaced the Ohio Graduation Tests.  To help your student perform their best, be aware of testing requirements and tips.

Testing Room Requirements:
  • Students may not have cell phones, smart watches, FitBits or any other electronic devices in the testing room. Please join us in encouraging your student to start developing a plan for what to do with his/her device(s) before they enter the testing site.
  • Students are required to have headphones and/or earbuds for testing sessions. If your student does not currently have a pair, please consider visiting WalMart and/or a dollar store. The school can provide headphones for students to borrow however students prefer to use their personal headphones. 
  • Students will be provided calculators, it is not necessary for students to bring their own. The testing regulations require a strict clearing process in the event your student insists on bringing their own.
Visit our site for additional information on State Testing.

Test at Your Best!

  • Getting a full night’s sleep before each test will help your student with the increased focus necessary for these rigorous tests. We suggest 8 hours of sleep before a test day. 
  • Having a balanced breakfast, including protein, can help your student sustain energy during the testing session. A few breakfast ideas include eggs, breakfast sandwiches, greek yogurt, wheat bread with peanut butter, etc.
    *Note: HHS offers breakfast every morning, if your student receives assistance with lunch, the same assistance applies with breakfast fees. 
  • Encouraging your student to dress in layers will make it easier for your student to adjust to the setting of the testing room and help prevent the possible distraction of excessive heat or cold.
  • Aiming for good attendance during the testing season will allow your student to experience more time between tests rather than make-up tests which are accomplished in a shorter window of time.
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