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Ensuring all students learn and grow is our collective responsibility.
District Profile
District Profile
We are extremely pleased with the results that our students and staff produced on this year’s district report card.  Each year we have seen improvements on the state’s accountability system, and this year the most notable improvement is in student achievement.  The district met 7 indicators this year, which was a three-year high, after having met 3 indicators last year.  As the state benchmark was increased to 80% last year, reaching that benchmark has been difficult for many districts.  Our goal is to meet all of the 24 indicators by the conclusion of the 2019-2020 school year, and while we passed 7 this year, our improved scores indicate that we are on pace to be much closer to that goal next year.  I am confident of the work our teachers and administrators are doing to make sure our students are successful.

We excelled this year in student growth, earning an A in overall value-added, and an A with gifted students.  The progress component measures how much our students grow academically in a year, and our students’ growth is among the best in the state of Ohio.  Our results with students with the lowest 20% of achievement and special education (a C and D respectively) indicate that we still have work to do in ensuring that we are challenging all students across the spectrum, however those students are growing at or near expected growth even at that level.  We will continue to focus extensively in these areas because we believe it is our job to ensure all students learn and grow.  

This year we showed dramatic improvement in Gap Closing, earning a B, compared to last year’s D.  The results in this measure reflect that our subgroups are all performing at a high level, and that our teachers and administrators care deeply about all students.  I would not be completely sincere if I did not share that there was a change in how this rating was calculated, so that could account for some of the change.  However, the gap closing measure is another way that ODE measures how we serve ALL students.  Our goal at Heath is to ensure all students learn and grow, and ultimately we want them all to demonstrate success in a multitude of measures.  We care how all students perform, and will continue to challenge all students.

Finally, in the K-3 literacy measure, we earned a D.  This is a measure that looks at how many students in grades K-3 are NOT reading on grade level, and then we are scored on how many of those students we can bring to grade level each year.  This is an area where we dedicate an infinite amount of time and resources, because there are few things as critical as ensuring a student is reading on grade level by grade three.  We would be focused here regardless of whether the state required us to do so.  We have a strong focus on literacy at the kindergarten through third grade, and we are quickly strengthening the curriculum and resources for students and staff. We were not rated on this measure last year because we did not have more than 5% of students off track.

As we all know, our students will find that they will continue to be measured on performance in life. That’s why we want to empower them to be successful on all measures of their performance while they are students at Heath.

If you have questions about our results or would like to better understand the report card itself, please reach out.

Trevor Thomas,
[email protected]
Preparing Our Kids for Life
Learning is a lifelong process. That is why we work to develop intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, problem-solving abilities and aesthetic appreciation. These skills support students’ success in school and throughout their lives.

As we develop the curriculum for the district we strive toward a balanced, integrated and sequential system that provides a strong foundation and grows students’ ability to learn independently. We consider the wide range of developmental needs, learning styles and abilities of all students. And we continually re-assess our offerings to increase opportunities for student growth and learning.
The Leader in Me
When asked what skills are most important in today’s workforce, business leaders say they are looking for people who work well with others, are innovative, solution oriented and open to feedback. To support our students in developing those skills along with subject matter knowledge, we are implementing The Leader In Me throughout the district.
The Leader in Me is a Franklin Covey program that teaches 21st-century leadership and life skills to students and creates a culture of student empowerment based on the idea that every child can be a leader.
  • 2016 – 2017 Implemented Leader In Me at Garfield & Stevenson
  • 2017 – 2018 Implementing LEAD (the middle school and high school version of Leader In Me) at HMS; Connecting Leader In Me to curriculum at Garfield & Stevenson
  • 2018 – 2019 – Implementing LEAD at HHS; Connecting Leader In Me to curriculum at HMS
  • 2019 - 2020 - Continuing to make LEAD and the Leader In Me a part of our curriculum to develop leadership skills for all students 


Career & College Ready
We also offer opportunities that support our students in being both career and college ready:
  • Our C-TEC partnership begins is 7th grade with our Career Connections course and continues through 12th grade with opportunities to develop job skills 
  • Project Prepare allows students to explore local, skilled jobs that they can begin right after high school or after attending C-TEC
  • Project Search through Licking Memorial Health Systems enables students with disabilities to gain and maintain employment through training and career exploration
  • Our Personal Finance course for Sophomores helps them understand the cost of living and how to plan for expenses they’ll face when they graduate
  • College Credit Plus offerings allow our high school students to get a jump on college by earning college credit while they’re still in high school
  • Advanced Placement options challenge students who are headed to college, preparing them for college courses and workload
  • The College & Career Readiness (CCR) course for Juniors & Seniors teaches students to create resumes, complete job and college applications, interview and much more
Making Learning Real (and fun!)
We leverage unique application experiences to help our students understand how what they are learning in the classroom works in real life. These experiences also make learning fun. Why fun? You may ask. Learning requires repetition and dedication. If the experience is fun, students will stay curious and keep coming back for more. Some of the experiences we offer include:
  • At Camp Ohio, Seniors act as counselors for our 5th graders guiding them in completing challenges that build problem-solving, collaboration and team work skills
  • Our 8th graders get to experience history and government first hand on their trip to Washington, DC 
  • STEMfest at The Works science and technology center creates an opportunity for students to compete with others schools in science, technology, engineering, and math challenges each year
  • Through our C-TEC partnership, we offer a STEM exploration course for our 8th graders
  • Students explore careers through internships like our Communications Internship
  • We partner with Licking County Educational Service Center to create job shadowing and mentorship opportunities for students that allow them to experience careers in action
Well Rounded Students
Our extracurricular programs and clubs create opportunities for our students to leverage their individual talents and develop new skills. One of the great things about being a small school, is that our students have the opportunity to participate in multiple activities, rounding out their skillset and allowing them to excel in many areas. Our programs and clubs include:
  • Athletics: football, basketball, track & field, cross country, soccer, baseball, softball, wrestling, bowling, swimming, cheerleading, volleyball, golf
  • Fine Arts: Theater, Choir, Band
  • Art Programs
  • Academic Clubs/Teams: National Honors Society, Quiz Bowl in partnership with Newark/Heath Rotary, Mock Trial
  • Social Clubs: Red Cross Club
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