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2019 April
6th Grade
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Eden is a very hardworking student - She completes what is asked of her on a daily basis and is always eager to help out when needed. She strives each and every day to do her best and puts forth every effort to succeed at what she is doing. Way to go Eden! Keep up the great work ethic!   
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Tanner is a very intrinsically motivated student who puts first things first – Tanner completes what is asked of him each and every day and strives to challenge himself by doing more than is expected within the walls of the classroom. He is currently teaching himself to memorize the period table of elements and the chemical symbol for each. Keep up the great work Tanner! We appreciate your willingness to go above and beyond with your academics
7th Grade
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 We are nominating Caroline for Bulldog of the month because of her hardworking attitude each and every day in class.  If she is absent she puts in the extra effort to catch up or finish assignments at home. She also is kind and respectful to her teachers and peers.
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Jace is a hardworking student who is so focused on putting first things first he finishes assignments early and has extra time to work on homework or other projects. He is kind, usually starts class by asking me how my day is.  
8th Grade
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Olivia has so many wonderful qualities about her. She shows strength in tough situations, she is always a compassionate friend, she leads with grace, and she has a special ability to empathize with everyone. She truly believes that change starts with her. She has dreams of making this world a better place, and she has plans for how she is going to do it. 
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Jakeb has shown so much growth throughout his time at HMS. Jakeb is proactive in class to ensure that he understands what he's learning. He asks questions and asks for help when he needs it! He sharpens the saw by spending time with his family, playing football, and playing video games with friends. Jakeb is looking forward to high school and has his mind set on specific goals, which represents Habit #2: Begin with the end in mind. Jakeb knows how to lift the spirits of his classmates and bring humor and joy to the classroom. 
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