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My Fair Lady: Behind the Scenes
My Fair Lady: Behind the Scenes
By Sophomore Abby Bennett

“These kids have worked really hard,” said Benjamin Marteney, choir director and musical director, at the Sunday matinee of the Heath spring musical “My Fair Lady.” “And they made a great show!” 

The production of the musical started in January, when the auditions took place over the course of three days, split into three sections: singing, acting, and dancing. During that time, the Production Team made up of Mr. Marteney, Ms. Gibson, the Assistant Director (Abby Bennett), and the Stage Manager (Reagan Dooley), took notes and figured out which role would best suit each person.

The first day of rehearsal, the cast members sat in a circle and introduced themselves. Then they began the “read through” where each person reads their parts in the script to get a feel for what the show was about and what it would be like. 

After that, scenes were split into “Yellow,” “Purple,” or “Green” depending on who was in them. Rehearsals were every day with people attending their group days based on their assigned color. These included the Yellow, Purple, and Green days, as well as music and dance days.

Everyone was given a script and a score/music book on the first day. On music days, they would go through the music beginning with songs that included the most people. It would then work its way down to the least people, usually ending with female lead, Eliza Doolittle’s, songs. The songs with the most people included the ensemble, who were split into four vocal parts: Soprano and Alto for the females, Tenor and Bass for the males. 

On dance days, everyone would come dressed in comfortable clothes that they could move in and warmed up vocally as well as physically. Then, they were given instruction by Meg O’Dell, that included—but not limited to—dance breaks near the church to then a Spanish dance at 3:00 AM.

“I loved the dance numbers, but especially ‘Get Me To The Church!’ Everyone got to dance together and it was the biggest dance number that we had,” sophomore, Sydney Mason, said when talking about her favorite part.

The set was built over the course of the 10 weeks on Saturdays, where from 8 AM - 12 PM. Parents and students came in and drilled the set together, made hats, painted signs, and more. The wood platform was laid out, and then came the turntables. Each scene was painted on one side of each wall. This would allow the set to be pushed more easily.
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